I help people tell stories.

Sounds simple enough, right? Our lives are full of stories, and history itself has even more. These stories can inspire, inform, incite, and engage. They carry emotions, memories, information, expectations and humor on a bullet train to the soul.

But There’s Another Kind of Story.

    While personal and historical stories are valuable communication tools, they all focus on things that have already happened.

    What about the things that haven't happened yet?

    Those require a different kind of story. A story that persuades. A story about change. A story that leads to a decision.  A story of the future.

    Making a sale. Wooing a customer. Pitching a project. Recruiting a candidate. Applying for a job. All of these are future stories.

    And the best version of each of these follows a simple, proven, centuries-old storytelling framework. But most people get that story completely wrong.

    I've spent years helping individuals and organizations learn the storytelling principles that help them avoid those mistakes, tell compelling and persuasive future stories, and unlock their communication superpowers.

    Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.Robert McKee

    What Are People Saying?

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    How can I help?


    Presentations, customized for your audience, and designed to help create fantastic storytellers.

    Workshops & Training

    Interactive sessions built to introduce storytelling principles, avoid common mistakes, and unlock amazing stories.

    Story Consulting

    Partnerships to craft incredible stories for organizations, executive presentations, or employee engagement.


    Internal podcasts or events to spread the incredible stories already happening within an organization.

    The future belongs to storytellers.
    I can help you unlock yours.

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