Here’s my story.

I'm the founder and chief storyteller at Journey Media, a consulting firm specializing in helping individuals and organizations become master storytellers. I have a passion for helping individuals become fantastic (and fanatical) storytellers in order to improve their organizations, their careers, their relationships, and their lives.

I'm currently the head of digital experience at one of the nation's largest privately-held banks, and spent the previous four years as the head of marketing and communications at a Fortune 500 financial technology company. In those roles, I've had the opportunity to identify, validate, and apply the storytelling principles that I've shared with thousands of professionals.

Storytelling has always been one of my overwhelming passions. I started as a childhood bookworm, wrote and directed short films in the living room of a neighborhood friend, wrote my way through undergrad and graduate school (and a little bit of law school), co-wrote several award-winning short films, and have won numerous awards for copywriting and marketing projects.

Currently, I live with my wife Joanna and our four amazing kids on 5+ acres outside of Mustang, OK. We're active in our church, youth sports, a few different communities of fellow creatives, and watching our children consume enough food to feed a small army.

A Note for Event Planners

I've been in your shoes. I've booked speakers I've never heard of and crossed my fingers and hoped they wouldn't make me look bad. I've watched hours of demo reels with techno music and flying graphics and less than a minute of actual presentations.

I've had speakers show up an hour late, run two hours long, refuse to participate in extra activities, and no-show for pre-event calls. Heck, I once had to fire a speaker mid-event for getting an aggressively early start on happy hour.

I say all that to say this - I will be the easiest speaker to deal with that you've ever encountered. Give me a microphone and a bottle of water and I'm good. I've been in your shoes, and I want to make you look like the rock star you are. Pinky swear.